Helping new supervisors or managers with the how-to’s of effective leadership

This is the reality of which you are well aware:

Direct reporting relationships are very different than relationships with co-workers and colleagues.  New supervisors/managers need to learn how to manage others.

I help first-time managers and supervisors with the how-to’s of effective leadership. Oftentimes, they have been promoted based on exceptional performance in a technical or hands-on role. They have never been trained in supervising others. That requires a totally different skill set.  They are left guessing and relying on trial and error to steer the way.

I have helped hundreds deal with the most common challenges experienced by first-time leaders:

  • Establishing a relationship with their direct reports
  • Setting expectations with those same people
  • Engaging their direct reports
  • Challenged their assumption that they have to know it all

They need to learn how to ask for input. New supervisors often get trapped into thinking they have to answer every question immediately and perfectly.  Not true.

Making the transition from an individual contributor to a leader means they have to be comfortable with not knowing. The tough thing is, what they’ve been rewarded for up to this point is knowing. But now they can’t possibly know everything their employees know.  That’s why they have employees!

I help them work through these inner challenges, sort out what’s important, and establish the systems and processes to work effectively in their new leadership role.

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