Helping you become an effective leader

If this is your first time supervising others, these are some of the questions that are probably rolling around in your head:

  • I haven’t had to do this before.
  • I have employees reporting to me. How do I handle an employee who does this?
  • How do I set expectations for my employees?
  • How do I do performance reviews?

First of all, let me establish the single most important thing:

You do NOT have to have all the answers!

One of the most common misperceptions is that new supervisors get trapped into thinking they have to answer every question immediately and perfectly.  Not true.

Making the transition from an individual contributor to a leader means you have to be comfortable with not knowing. The tough thing is, what you’ve been rewarded for up to this point is knowing. But now you can’t possibly know everything your employees know.  That’s why you have employees!

I help you work through these inner challenges, sort out what’s important, and establish the systems and processes to work effectively in your new management role.

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