Leaders: A Perspective of Millennials Worth Building On

From Sam Massaglia, Strategist for Mindsailing, about the latest generation in our workforce.  Her podcast gives solid advice for strengthening their success (and yours) in Corporate America.  (Click here to read the entire podcast script.)

They are the biggest generation in history, which is obviously incredibly significant for all of us. I know you mentioned 82 million in the US. There are almost 2 billion globally, and that’s a really important aspect of the millennial generation is that they are global in nature. There in virtually every country on the planet. So they are the world’s majority. Also, a generation that is really mischaracterized a lot. We’ve all heard the what I call the mythology of the millennials that they’re lazy, narcissistic, entitled. But as the millennials, many of whom are now in their mid-30s, come of age and make contributions to the world, launch their careers, what we’re seeing is actually this generation is incredibly productive, altruistic, humanistic, inclusive, entrepreneurial. They just have a wonderful set of characteristics, classifications. So again, just to kind of summarize, millennials are a huge generation, a diverse generation, a global generation, and really a generation that has already started to make a wonderful contribution to the world.

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